A Photographic Biodiversity Library for Southern Africa by Cliff + Suretha Dorse

About Us

Cliff and Suretha Dorse

Cliff and Suretha Dorse

Welcome to Biodiversity Focused – A Photographic Biodiversity Library for Southern Africa by Cliff + Suretha Dorse!

This website is a collection of biodiversity images taken by us while at work or on expeditions. We are both nature conservators based in Cape Town, South Africa and are passionate about all biodiversity.

As you will see from some of our photos, Biodiversity Focused refers to our passion for the subject rather than the quality of the images. However, we feel that the subjects are very special and their images worth sharing!

We would like to thank all our friends and colleagues with whom we have spent many enjoyable hours in the field.

Should you wish to use any of the photos on this site, please contact us. What appears here is only a random selection of a few shots of each species.  For most, we have many different photographs, so please let us know if you are looking for something else. You will notice that the “All” pages only contain a representative sample of the photographs for each species in some cases.  Please have a look at the individual pages for more photographs of a particular species you are interested in.

We can be contacted at suncus@telkomsa.net

Yours in biodiversity

Cliff & Suretha Dorse